Vino Meal (Bone Meal Manure)

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Binomial is a mixture of finely and coarsely ground Animal Bones and Meals waste products. It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants. Binomial is primarily used as a source of Phosphorous, Calcium, and Nitrogen, Organic Fertilizer is safe for the environment, family-and pests. Boosts Growth of Plant naturally, use for indoor or outdoor plants such as Vegetables and flower garden, etc. Binomial is especially good for better root development. Used for shiny leaves, bigger flowers, plant growth, root development, etc.

Crops: Paddy, Sugarcane, Maize, Mentha, Cotton, Oilseeds, Wheat, Pulses, Peas, Onion, Potato, Brinjal, Banana, Chilli, Tomato, Flowers & all Vegetables and Horticulture Crops.