Plant Support Net

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  • Material: Plastic, Color: Green
  • Package Contents:1-Piece Plant Support Net
  • LxB (in cm): 30000x300
  • Mesh Size: 1 inch
  • A permanent solution, ideal for commercial projects
  • Sensible, strong, long-lasting and hassle-free
  • Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material
  • Also excludes birds


Plant support net is designed to support all climbing plants, vegetables and long-stemmed ornamental flowers encouraging healthy growth from seedling to maturity. The plastic climbing support nets are manufactured from high strength, yet lightweight polypropylene plastic mesh netting. Plant support net can be used vertically to support and encourage the growth of climbing vegetable crops including garden peas, runner beans, cucumbers, marrows, courgettes, tomatoes, sweet peas and clematis by providing the crops with lateral support.