Greenhouse Sheet (White)

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  • Thickness: 200 Micron
  • Films with excellent UV, IR, and Thermal Stability
  • Anti-dust helps the proper light transmission
  • UV blocking gives anti-petal blackening and anti-virus effect
  • Superb mechanical strengths: impact strength, tear resistance, flex crack resistance & ESCR increase in the service life of film

Benefits: Huge increase in yields as well as product quality. Major cut in the use of pesticides. Lower farming costs. Better prices with crops round the year. Benefits maximized with integrated crop management methods. Cooling Effect: The cooling effect is achieved through a reflection of NIR light on the surface of the film A. Diffusion of light through the film A. Absorption of short IR rays by the film. Thermal Effect: Our thermal films better retain the long IR to improve the protection of the crops from frost and ensure a better and earlier yield. Outstanding durability and warranty. Greenhouse cover films are guaranteed for several seasons (from 1 to 5 years), depending on each case and location. The anti-drip effect, the condensation of water droplets on the film has an important influence on the crop. Reduction of light transmission due to the refraction of light by the droplets.