Galvanised Iron Wiggle Wire

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  • High-quality, rust and maintenance-free GI lock channel and PVC coated wiggle wire (2 meters in length each)
  • Tightly secures poly film or shade net to your greenhouse with minimal effort
  • Easily attaches to frames, baseboards and hip boards will bend to the arch of your tunnel easily
  • Mounts to all wood or steel structures, pre-drilling or self-tapping screws recommended
  • Available Size: 2M, 4M 6M, 8M, 10M, 25M, 50M, 100M, 200M.

PVC coated wiggle wire and aluminum lock channel will help to ensure that your greenhouse can weather the elements and last for years. Unlike other attachment methods, lock channel and wiggle wire will hold up to high winds and harsh environments. The PVC coated wiggle wire and lock channel method prevents tears during and after installation. Lock channel is made out of high-quality, rust and maintenance-free alloy. It is tough enough to last for years while having the flexibility to bend to the arch of your tunnel. Effortless installation can be done with simple, pre-drilling or self-tapping screws. The PVC coated wiggle wire is the superior choice of wiggle wire compared to the non-coated version. The PVC coating prevents tears and is easier to handle. It is reusable and can easily be installed and removed by "wiggling" it in and out of the lock channel. Each piece is 2 meter in length. For greater lengths you will get multiple pieces of 2m length each. Perfect for attaching poly film, shade cloth and other greenhouse coverings.