Tas Rose (1 Kg)

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Complete Nourishment for Rose & all Kinds of Flowers. It gives luxuriant and healthy growth with colorful blooms, sturdy stems a healthy root system. A unique combination of Organic Manure, Natural Herbals extracts enriched with Neem, Castor, Tobacco, Minerals, etc. Scientifically tested & balanced under the supervision of horticulturists. Increases yield, improves crop quality, ensures longer shelf life of produce, Increases resistance to Diseases pests and Climatic stress. Removes deficiency disorders like Stunted and Irregular growth, Less Branching and flower bud shooting, flowers shedding, gloomy appearance, etc. Crops Best for Rose & Flowers, Seasonal Flowers, Orchards, Bonsai, Ornamental Plants Kitchen Garden, Horticulture Indoor-Outdoor plants, etc.